H.U.E. is a series of visuals, infographics and graphic material that research and deal with problems that relate to discrimination and racism towards people with darker skin. It aims to eradicate ignorant behavior through education on scientific facts and social situations that relate to a human’s skin color. The information is meant to be quick, trustworthy and valuable and have a visual impact that stays with the public. This way the information can be spread by a greater group of individuals and thus educate more people on the topic. All individual material produced by H.U.E. will be available completely free for schools, institutes, organizations and people around the world.

H.U.E’s main vision is to spread creative material that enables whoever needs or wants to understand more about diversity, to know and learn from real information. Whenever someone wants to learn or teach about this topic, H.U.E. will be there to help with supporting material. This project is also a movement that believes in peace reached through education and through the abolishment of ignorance in any shape or form. The final material produced during the development of this thesis does not restrict itself to one media only. The creator and founder of H.U.E. stands on the ground of socially responsible design which can be spread and practiced in a number of different outputs and media.
Introductory Infographic
Anthropology Infographic
Genetics Infographic

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