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Fill This Space

✺Graphic Design, Illustration & Animation

(Museum of Finnish Architecture)
“Fill This Space is a School Programme for 16–20 years olds. In Fill This Space schools one have the opportunity to discuss issues related to architecture and the built environment together with museum and architecture professionals and architecture students. Application period for summer 2022 starts on the 1st of April, 2022. ”

“I used animation, illustration and graphic design to create a trio of mischievous and awkward pink creatures that live within the museum. These creatures are made entirely of ellipses, one of architecture’s most defying forms – some of the inspiration also came from Le Corbusier’s modulor. Through these beings, I intended to visually play with the museum and make it interactive and youthful. I hope that anyone is able to relate to one of the characters and feel invited to create at the Fill This Space cosmos.”

Interview︎︎︎ www.mfa.fi/uutiskirjeet/fill-this-space-is-the-rebellious-little-sibling-of-the-museum/